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Stories move us. Stories connect us. Stories are, arguably, the most effective mode of communication. In this title, Sell With A Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale, author Paul Smith discusses the power of story and explains how to use it to create relationships, cultivate rapport, and create experiences that sell. This isn’t sleazy salesmanship, but rather a method that business owners and salespeople can use to connect more deeply with their customers and provide them with an experience, with a story, that they want, promoting productive relationships along the way.

Entertaining, easy to read, and above all incredibly useful, this book is helpful for both salesmen and small-business owners alike. While telling stories may or may not be intuitive to readers, this book guides them through the right kinds of stories to have in their repertoire, how to craft them, and how to use stories to make a genuine connection with your customer or audience. More workbook than a static resource, Sell With A Story doesn’t lay out everything you should know about selling, but rather focuses on one tool in your arsenal. Telling stories is a skill, and as such can be practiced and perfected. Smith’s work teaches readers how to do just that.

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