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Christmas Eve arrives and Babymouse puts out cookies for Santa, but this story is not your traditional Christmas story. Babymouse cannot stop eating Santa’s cookies and suddenly they are all gone. Of course, Babymouse does not want what typical four year olds want for Christmas; she wants a suit of armor to fight off dragons. Given her unusual request she decides me she must bake more cookies. Babymouse then decides she must bake something different from the customary cookies and decides to make cupcakes instead. In Babymouse’s excitement to make the cupcakes, she manages to wake up her baby brother. Babymouse, not surprisingly, manages to get in more trouble when her mother leaves the kitchen to care for the baby.

Little Babymouse and the Christmas Cupcakes is an oversized, colorful book that will certainly entertain little readers. The story is funny and filled with fantasy, which will envelop your child in the story. The comic strip style dragon slaying will make little readers laugh and certainly root for Babymouse to be successful, even if she still manages to get in trouble.

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