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“People are commonly not what they’ve portrayed themselves to be,” writes Rebecca Brockway in one of the chapters in her book Miss Matched at Midlife: Dating Episodes of a Middle-Aged Woman. However, contrary to this citation she portrays herself honestly while exposing her nine-year long dating experience. It’s hard to add something to the brilliant foreword to Rebecca’s book, written by a professional clinical psychologist, educator, and author of several books on family and relationship by Dr. Keith Witt. But, still… do you know that – according to the mentioned earlier foreword – 48 percent of New Yorkers are unmarried? Even if you heard about it, you probably paid little attention to the fact that practically every second man and woman in NY City is single and lonely. After seventeen years of marriage and four adopted children, Rebecca Brockway didn’t want to be a part of these sad statistics. At age forty-eight, she went on an adventurous journey through online dating in order to find Mr. Right.

During this journey Rebecca learned some things not only about men, but also about herself that she bravely shares with her audience. While reading her incredible story readers will never once wonder if the bizarre episodes she describes really happened. Now and then, you may think Rebecca is selfish, but you’ll certainly admire her persistence. You’ll be amazed by a number of the first dates she went on following the nine years of her divorce. Not all of these dates ended after the first meeting. In this book you’ll find a frank and candid account on these first dates, and a part of dates that went on to become more serious relationships of different lengths. Regardless of the results, Rebecca insists that even “Walkin’ … on the Road to Nowhere” (the title of one of the book’s chapters), she had “always dated with a singular goal in mind: to discover authentic love.” If you’re on the same venture you may find Rebecca’s simultaneously serious and pretty humorous explanations of what men’s online profiles really mean and Complete Idioms’ Guide to Online Dating @ Midlife completely useful. For woman of any age it’ll be helpful to know if it is wise to allow your previously unknown date to pick you up at your home, have sex on the first date, or hopelessly wait for a man to love you back. Men may find this book very entertaining as well.

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