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Texas is the wild frontier after the Civil War and Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd drifts through the area after he loses everything in the war. He ponders what became of his previous life as he moves from town to town doing live readings from various newspapers. The time is full of lawlessness and anything can happen so Kidd never knows what he will encounter. One night Kidd is presented a job to return Johanna, a ten-year-old girl, back her to distant relatives. The 400-mile perilous journey will pay a $50 gold coin. Johanna has been held captive by the Indian tribe, Kiowa and doesn’t even remember English. What begins as a job for Kidd, turns into a mission.

This thin, little book packs a punch through its Spartan descriptions of the tough life after the Civil War. Kidd lives an almost inhumane life on the back roads of dusty Texas, but he learns the value of love, trust and empathy as he grows to understand and care for Johanna. The transformation of both main characters is subtle, yet gripping. Together they fend of killers, would-be rapists, and hostile Indians. In the end they find they have more in common than previously believed.

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