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Super Rawr is an endearing young dinosaur, a bit awkward given his size over his peers and certainly a dreamer. The cover features a fabric three dimensional ‘portrait’ that is, according to my little guy, the best part of the book. It is something different from the others. The story itself is cute but from the adult reader perspective the story is a bit disjointed – connecting his super-debut at school career day with his everyday rescuing of kittens etc. – but from a kiddo perspective, they might not even notice. This made it not as much fun for me to read. What my little guy DID notice was the tiny yellow cat that shows up on several pages in the second half of the book (meow!). I did appreciate in the illustrations the little girl dressed as a doctor for career day, although none of the other kids careers are part of the story. Likely there will be more Super Rawr! as the book ends with a teaser about space and being an astronaut with a Star Wars shout out.

I recommend this book and encourage the reader to ad-lib in more of the story and spend a little extra time talking about the pictures, careers, etc.

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