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As common courtesy and basic etiquette seem to be waning in the digital age, Beverly Langford has written The Etiquette Edge to help us all out. Langford contends that everyday manners lead to business success. Although that concept seems obvious, too many seem to be ambivalent to good manners. The book begins with a quick and easy quiz to rank the reader’s knowledge of manners. Some of the questions seem evident, but there are a few that even a seasoned manners pro will wonder about. The book has an exhaustive number of topics ranging from dress, phones, travel and even dealing with someone’s death.

Langford has a no nonsense approach to good manners. Each topic is a short chapter that concludes with a section titled, “The Bottom Line” which is a good summary of the chapter’s contents. Key points in the chapter are bulleted and there are some graphs and text boxes with additional important points. The beauty of this book is that instead of having to read the entire thing, the reader can easily find the topic of interest, hone in on the information and adjust their style immediately. For anyone focused on improving his knowledge and behavior in the manners arena, The Etiquette Edge is a book to put in one’s personal library.

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