Christmas Magic, edited by David G. Hartwell, is a reprint of a 1994 anthology. This compilation of twenty-eight stories revolves around a Christmas theme. The various authors send the reader on a journey from the past, with its earthly ghosts, to the future and a galaxy of suspense. Each reader will be drawn to his or her preferred plot style, and with so many options, this is something to satisfy everyone.

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Christmas Magic is a good read for those who enjoy fantasy and suspense. I’m not usually into the fantasy genre but gave it a try. This book is best read a story or two at a time, as each story ventures in it’s own direction. My favorite was “Another Dime, Another Place” by A. J. Austin. I love the Christmas season and the message of this story touched my heart. I enjoyed the message of possibilities.

On the other hand, “A Child’s Christmas in Florida,” by William Browning Spencer, twisted the traditional concept of Christmas. The holiday festivities portrayed in the story were cruel. This short story was not my cup of tea.

As an anthology, there is likely to be something for everyone.

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