Sheriff Joanna Brady leads a pretty fast paced existence in the beautiful and colorful Arizona southwest area of Cochise County. Her mother and stepfather were killed in a motor vehicle accident last week and Joanna is faced with working out the funeral arrangements. Fortunately for Joanna, she has a stable and loving husband who helps to keep her balanced. It is in the late August, hot Arizona desert that Brady will find herself tested as a sheriff. Two bodies were found at the base of a peak known to Bisbee residents as Geronimo. Is this a horrible accident or is it a murder? With one victim identified as a local teacher and another one identified as a college student studying cacti in the area, nothing is found to link them together. Being a sheriff who is up for re-election soon, Joanna must stay up to task with each and every incident in her locale. Climbing the peak of Geronimo in her bullet proof vest while pregnant shows everyone she is taking her responsibility seriously. When it suddenly becomes clear to Joanna that the killer is someone she knows, will this put her or her family into harms way?

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The story of Joanna Brady is fast and furious. Downfall is number 20 in J.A. Jance’s Joanna Brady Mystery Series. Having never read any of the other 19 books will not stop thriller readers from enjoying this book. This is a current day crime novel featuring a woman, written by a woman and remarkably has no profanities. The words of the different characters sound true to life. Joanna, as the main focus, is a strong and caring woman with definite character flaws that help to make her feel real to the story. Set in the beautiful Southwest, the story is a page turner. The reader will find this an enjoyable novel.

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