Quiet times in the French countryside of St. Denis end abruptly when two murders are committed within a few days of each other. A local race car rally is filled with old classic cars and a parade before the race is filled with people with plenty of money in their pockets. The star feature of the show is a WWII plane, the Bugatti Type 57C of which only four were made. Mounting evidence suggests that the two recent murders are related to the plane and are part of an international crime. This puts St. Denis right in the middle of all the search and intrigue.

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Love and romance are in the air for Bruno Courreges, the chief of police in St. Denis. With his basset hound Balzac, he travels by foot or vehicle around the town to follow his investigations. Bruno deals with everyone cordially and efficiently and is respected by the town for his kindness and crime solving ability. At the end of Bruno’s day he relaxes with Balzac, good food, and a glass of fine wine.

Martin Walker has written eight other Bruno novels, all best sellers on the international level. His writing about the Dordogne region of France makes life seem pleasant and peaceful. The simple pleasures of gardening, riding horses, and walking the countryside make a reader want to visit that region. Little scenes, such as learning how Bruno’s group of friends all garden by the lunar calendar, which almost always guarantees them the best bounty, add charm to the writing and helps bring the countryside to life. His vivid descriptions of the meals and preparations complemented the reading of the story and may make readers crave a taste of French cuisine! This book was a delight to read.

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