Pirasaurs! deserves a book review written in pirate vernacular, but I am worried it would not do the book justice. The concept of pirate dinosaurs is well developed and the pictures depict pirate plays on actual prehistoric creatures: Bronto Beard, Triceracook, Velocimate and Captain Rex. The creators certainly ‘cannon-blast you to the past!’ My toddler son and I enjoyed the detail and the rhythm of the story and opportunities to roar out loud (ROL?). You could almost read it in a yo-ho-ho voice the whole way through, but it is not required, although the more drama the better. There is a twist at the end from one of the smaller pirate dinosaurs and a good moral about working together. I do find actually saying “pirasaurs” a bit tricky on the tongue for some reason but the book itself is an enjoyable read with just the right amount of rhyming.

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It is with ‘gems, doubloons and silver spoons’ I recommend this book. It will tickle the fancy of tiny dinosaur and pirate enthusiasts alike and surely inspire future Halloween costumes.

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