For fans of US soccer and sports history, especially when those two subjects are combined, The United States of Soccer – MLS and the Rise of American Soccer Fandom gives the reader a fascinating feel for how the MLS came to be, from its birth and infancy all the way to present day. The book’s twelve chapters range from the promise, to expansion, to the future, and are littered with stories, details, and emotion as it chronicles the journey of soccer in the United States.

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Author Phil West dives into great detail that even the most fanatic and hardy supporter of MLS will appreciate. Whether an early adapter from the NASL days – Cosmos! Rowdies! Timbers! Sounders! – or a recent arrival to the MLS, West will surprise the reader with countless behind-the-scenes conversations and quotes from the pioneers of MLS. He goes into exquisite detail of each season, recounting the struggles and triumphs, winners and losers, and this resounding detail will shape the narrative of the fans and supporters of the teams and league.

If you love the game of soccer, love the history of soccer, and truly want to understand how the MLS developed into the league that it is today, The United States of Soccer – MLS and the Rise of American Soccer Fandom is a captivating choice that will leave the reader much more the wiser about the nation of soccer and its fans.

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