The first edition of Best Food Writing came out in 2000 and the goal remains the same, “to provide a robust mix of what’s up in the world of food writing.” And so the 2016 edition does just that by providing a wide range of food writing on a variety of interesting topics. For example, when a cook wrote her own cookbook, she discovered how difficult the task really is compared to when she was helping other chefs assemble their books. The article on the internet trend of pre-formulated meal boxes struck a chord with this reviewer, since she has often wondered what problem does a box solve if the person does not know how to cook, anyways? The topics are divided into eight sections ranging from the family table to cooking around to life on a plate.

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The beauty of food writing is that like food, there is something for everyone and this edition runs the gamut of interesting topics from gourmet to chicken tenders, from cooking challenges to traveling to Iceland. The articles are short and to the point, varied in topic and even include six recipes. Best Food Writing 2016 is the perfect combination of gastronomy and creative whimsy; now that is something this reviewer can bite into!

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