For tired parents wanting to establish a routine to get their children to bed, Christina Geist’s playful book Buddy’s Bedtime Battery may just be the ticket. Buddy wants to keep pretending to be a robot, even though it’s bedtime. “I am not a boy!” yells Buddy. “I am a robot! I am Ro-Buddy!”

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His mom tells him to get out his energy so he jumps on his mini trampoline. After reading books with “Robo-Mom” he begins to feel sleepy, his eyes getting “low on battery.” Buddy’s parents use relaxation techniques to help him get ready for bed. Still engaging in imaginative play, they ask him to turn off his legs, then power down his belly button, switch off his arms and power down his face. Slowly, Buddy begins to relax and drift off to sleep.

Kids will find this book entertaining and parents will welcome the ideas within to help their own little robots get to sleep. Even when Buddy wakes up briefly in the night, he powers right back down again to sweet dreams. Buddy’s Bedtime Battery is a fun book for kids that will also be useful to parents.

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