New York Times best-selling author Patricia Cornwell returns again with riveting novel number twenty-four in the Kay Scarpetta series. What a difference a day makes in the busy life of Dr. Scarpetta. As the Medical Examiner in Cambridge Massachuettes was walking through the Harvard Yard, towards an enticing dinner date with her handsome FBI husband, Benton Wesley, a series of events changed her direction and plunged her right into action. A bicyclist has been found dead in the park near the Charles River and upon first examination of the body by Scarpetta and police officer Pete Marino, they felt it might be death by lightning. However, the weather debunked that theory. Tired and hungry, Dr. Scarpetta struggles to figure out the connection between this bicyclist’s death and then another death that took place that evening under similar circumstances. Trying desperately to fit the pieces of information together, she brings in her niece Lucy to help with the computer search and then her FBI husband arrives also. It appears these deaths are more sinister and more personal to Dr. Scarpetta than first thought!

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Written with sharp, witty, and concise dialogue in the first person gives clear indication of the powerful and feminine character of Dr. Scapetta. This is a fast paced novel, taking place over a twenty-four hour period. Having jumped into this series at the tail end, I found the beginning of the story confusing at best. It seemed to be a rambling thought pattern of someone that I did not know or understand. However, a reread of the first few chapters allowed me to get caught up in the excitement of the case. Patricia Cornwell shows why she is a great crime writer as this novel had thrilling twists and turns and detailed forensic knowledge. It centered on the current day psychological fear and abuse of drones. There is plenty of danger lurking about to keep the reader interested and excited. Long time Scarpetta fans will not be disappointed, and new readers may be inspired to go back to the very beginning to find what they missed!

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