This tiny book teaches your little one six musical sounds which includes the recorder, guitar, piano, drum, violin, and xylophone. The colorful board book also features six different animals playing his instrument. Elephant plays the piano, while Cat plays the violin. The whimsical drawings give your little reader lots to look with all the colorful items on each page. A small button on each page triggers each instrument sound; the tune plays for about 30 seconds and undoubtedly, will be played over and over again.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Formats: Hardcover
Purchase: Powell’s | Amazon[/alert]

I Love Music will indeed teach your child to love music or at least to be intrigued by the varied sounds. The colorful drawings can be used as a source of a fun “I Spy” game and learning numbers, colors and shapes can be intertwined with the lesson about instruments. This is a great first book on musical sounds and so much more.

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