I Love You Because You’re You is a Story Play book, which means it is an interactive book for children between three and five. The book has a classic look with colorful line drawings of Mama Fox and her baby. Mama Fox loves her baby when she is smiling, when she is sleepy and even when she is silly. Pictures depict the words so it will be easy for your child to follow along with the rhyming words.

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Baby Fox has a play date, climbs on fences and plays ball. Several of the pages include questions to ask your child while you are reading to him. Mama Fox shows her baby lots of love and your child will recognize acts of love in their own life. The final two pages of the book contain additional activities to do with your child such as finding words throughout the book, talking about their feelings and playing Simon Says games. I Love You Because You’re You is a sweet book with beautiful drawings, rhyming words and learning activities that your child will instantly love.

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