This book is a treasure! All the same-old animal stars (bear, tiger, gorilla, panda, etc.) better be thinking about diversifying their ‘portfolios.’ Martin Brown has curated an informative and entertaining collection of twenty one real animals, not necessarily rare, that you need to know about. Each animal’s section highlights key information like size, home, endangered status, a tag line and a sprinkling of random factoids. My three favorite animals to learn about were the Lesser Fairy Armadillo (its pink! The females are called a ‘zed,’ use that in scrabble), the Speke’s Pectinator (“fluffy rock-dweller of Somolia,” they don’t drink) and the Zebra Duiker (“a little antelope that’s shy and bold”). Martin weaves in humor and clever illustrations to create a book destined to engage readers of all ages.

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Formats: Hardcover, eBook, Kindle
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Now! Don’t be a Numbat (a ‘toothy termite-eater of the Australian west’ and pouchless marsupial) and miss out on this book. It will be on my shelves for a long time and gifted to others for sure.

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