Mr. Moon is a delightful bedtime story for the little ones. Michael Paraskevas takes the reader on a sweet journey into the night as the moon keeps watch over the Earth. The story begins with the setting sun going to sleep while the rising moon awakes. As he travels across the sky, the moon watches with a whimsical smile as nocturnal sights and sounds abound with animals, insects, and stars having fun. He even helps a boys drift off to dreamland. The story comes full circle at the end as the sun arises at dawn and the moon drifts off to sleep.

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Mr. Moon is a perfect, calming nighttime read. The setting is wonderfully peaceful and inviting. What child wouldn’t want to fluff the clouds, chase fireflies, and dance with the stars? Paraskevas cleverly touches on various nursery rhymes, allowing young minds to make connections to previous bedtime readings. The book is beautifully illustrated, taking us from the cityscape, out into the country and beyond, to the night sky. The nighttime colors are offset with bright, bold colors of red, orange, and yellow. The use of personification in the illustrations draws the reader/listener in with each friendly, happy face. Mr. Moon promises happy dreams!

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