Karin Slaughter’s heart-racing psychological thriller The Kept Woman follows Will Trent, an officer at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who stumbles upon a crime scene that hits incredibly close to home. When Will learns that the gun found on the scene belongs to his estranged wife whom he hasn’t heard from in months, he’s told to sit out and wait to hear what the rest of the GBI team are able to find. Unmoved by these orders, Will makes a desperate attempt to learn what has happened and find out if he’ll ever see his wife again.

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A morbid tale of deceit, lies, and unbelievable corruption, author Karin Slaughter crafts unlikable characters whose selfishness is unparalleled. Each page of the novel is shocking and outrageous, keeping readers fascinated to learn more but at an uncomfortable cost. Overly graphic and violent, the novel pulls readers away from the comfort of their reading spot and into the despair of Atlanta’s poverty. Slaughter’s language is vibrant and her descriptions are powerful but at the cost of possible psychological trauma. Discussions of sexual assault, murder, and torture are overwhelmingly vivid throughout the novel. While I enjoy psychological thrillers, this one is almost too disturbing to enjoy. A very well crafted novel, Slaughter goes a little too far in my opinion. Read at your own risk.

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