Audacity Jones and her friend Bimmy leave Miss Masie’s School for Wayward Girls Home on an adventure to New York City. Cypher, the adult that takes them, intends for them to see Harry Houdini and his latest magic trick – to make a larger than life elephant disappear. Min, Audie’s cat, sneaks along and has his own adventures, too. The girls uncover that someone might be trying to sabotage the show. Audie and Bimmy discover that all that glitters is not necessarily gold, even though they are a bit awestruck of New York City and the famous Houdini.

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Audacity Jones Steals the Show is written with lots of humor. This reviewer loved reading the thoughts of ornery Min, as he proved to be smarter than your typical cat. The girls learned lessons in good versus evil and the kindness of strangers. The book seemed to have a lot of excess characters, which made it difficult to keep track of who was who and took away from the storyline. The end had a little twist and turn which was a nice, unexpected surprise. Even though the book is rated appropriate for kids between 8 and 12, some of the words might prove to be a bit difficult for an eight or nine-year-old, especially given that the story was confusing in a few places.  Overall, if your child is an Audacity Jones fan or an advanced reader, then read on, otherwise perhaps wait a year or two before diving in.

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