Babies have busy schedules! The nameless infant protagonist of Eat, Sleep, Poop juggles visits from grandparents, new toys, shopping with Mom, chores with Dad, fun with the family dog, and of course eating, sleeping, and pooping. Sometimes Baby even has to sacrifice sleep to fit it all in her/his schedule – imagine that! But her/his busy life is punctuated throughout with love and kindness from Mom and Dad.

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This is a simple and sweet story, told in few words and humorous illustrations. On each page, there’s always some detail in the background that accurately and hilariously depicts life with a newborn: the pile of dishes in the kitchen, the dog looking on enviously as the baby receives attention, the baby care book with swaddling instructions that the parents refer to while they bundle Baby up for sleep. The joyful art by Jane Massey really tells most of the story, and kids will have fun noticing new things each time they read.

Eat, Sleep, Poop is a book for younger kids to read with their parents, and could be very helpful in preparing kids for life with a newborn, be it a sibling, cousin, or daycare playmate. Kids will be amused by Baby’s little adventures, while also understanding that a new baby is a lot of work for Mom and Dad. This book doesn’t dwell on the hard work and sleeplessness, but it doesn’t skip it, either, and it doles out plenty of hilarity and sentiment in its depiction of babyhood.

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