Every parent reaches a point where a little extra help is welcomed, especially when his or her kids reach the teen years. Haddad offers parents expert advice in The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens. Haddad contends that children today, as a generation, are facing challenges that no generation before them faced including technology, violence, lack of activity, and single-parent households. Haddad’s book is divided into two parts: part one focuses on “Child Unlimited” or strategies to deal with frustrating situations. Part two “Child Limiting” covers issues kids are faced with in today’s world.

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“When helping your child set goals, be as specific as possible with all facets of the goal so they can see a picture of it in their mind coming into reality” (page 84).

In part one, topics such as empathy, consequences, being a role model and motivating your child are covered. Each chapter explains the topic and then offers come exercises or questions to ask yourself and your child. There are lots of stories and examples and each chapter ends with a bolded text of a summary statement. Part two explains topics such as bullying, sex, violence and drugs. These chapters are informative with lots of research statistics and stories. The chapters end with what you can do, the conversations to have and recommended strategies.

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens is clearly well- researched and real-world experience abounds in this book. Haddad suggests a practical, no-nonsense style that will arm parents with ideas, tips, and tools to navigate the often frustrating and confusing teen and tween years.

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