Diane Rose-Solomon has worked with rescue dogs for over twenty years both as a pet parent and in a professional capacity. Solomon’s guide is divided into Five Modules designed to help new and experienced pet parents alike. The Modules are in chronological order, beginning with the adoption process and culminating in advice extending through your dog’s life.

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Solomon brings both a personal and professional touch to this guide. Oftentimes receiving advice about your pet or future pet is the equivalent to receiving parenting advice for your children; it is not always welcome. While there are certain things that most pet parents agree you should and should not do, for the most part, parenting your dog is a unique experience. Solomon acknowledges this throughout the guide, consistently offering alternative options to any advice she gives. One of the most beneficial aspects of the guide is that it includes an extensive list of resources and websites that you can use to obtain more information.

It doesn’t matter what your experience level with dogs is. Whether you’re considering adopting or are in need of a quick guide to all dog resources, this book is invaluable. There are a plethora of dog books out there however the majority of them are not as individual and comprehensive yet concise. And, if this guide doesn’t assuage all your doubts about dog parenting, you can always email Solomon herself about your dog adoption experience.

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