Super Hero High is a special place where super heroes in- training work on their skills. Barbara (a.k.a. Batgirl) works at the school as a tech whiz, but actually attends high school elsewhere. Batgirl is mesmerized by the other super heroes’ skills and freedom. Batgirl wants nothing more than to join this special club, but she is also torn with pleasing her father and winning a TechTalk TV contest so that her life can really begin. She moves into the dorms and then her life with her friends takes off as she navigates what it really takes to be a super hero.

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Interesting characters in the form of super heroes abound in this tween book. The writing is spunky; the story relatable as readers will be able to connect with Barbara’s navigation of high school and finding oneself. Humor and the metaphor of super heroes brings this book to life. The story meanders slowly with everyday school happenings but the pace doesn’t feel stalled, but instead allows the reader to enjoy the mundane as Batgirl figures out what she wants and how she will get there. “Batgirl at Super Hero High” offers kids a good message as they grapple with similar issues.

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