The Elephant who Wants to Fall Asleep, by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, is an instruction manual with a story attached. Your child joins Ellen the Elephant as they journey through a magical forest of sleepy creatures and learn meditation techniques to help them fall asleep. The dialogue revolves around feeling tired and wanting to fall asleep and is repeated throughout the story.

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The cute, softly colored illustrations by Sydney Hanson suggest that this book is geared to young children. Before and after reading the story parents have to read the instructions and tips on “how” to read it. Parts of the text are bolded, italicized and placed in brackets and the author, a behavioral scientist, instructs the reader on the manner in which the story should be read. This very wordy book will put parents and grandparents to sleep while their youngsters hopefully fall asleep from boredom after tuning out the log, confusing story (i.e. giving the child and Ellen magical sleeping powder). Young children will struggle to understand the text and older children will be too busy asking questions throughout the story to think about relaxing and falling asleep.

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