The linear career path is dead. This is true now more than ever, which means women must change their approach. It is no secret that women in the job place face unique and often daunting challenges that men never encounter. Additionally, since women often interrupt their careers to become mothers, matters only get complicated. Since the world seems to move at an ever-increasing lightning-speed pace, the skills required to succeed are not stagnant. Women need to abandon guilt, inertia and the word “sorry” and redirect their mindset. Wendy Sachs shares her story and the stories of several other women that have found their slice of success even though the path was neither apparent or always a win. Learning how to pivot is not only necessary, it is frankly required in today’s job market.

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“As the tech industry reinvents how we work, where we work, and the kind of work we all do, it’s important that women across all industries understand how to use the valuable lessons and themes from Silicon Valley for our own advancement.”

Sachs offers suggestions, stories and countless examples with a snappy, no-nonsense, well-researched style. There is a positive, can-do attitude that is pervasive in her writing. Sachs shares examples about changing word use, striking a pose, the power of connections, dealing with failure and reinventing oneself. All the stories are inspirational and instructional but some are downright crazy. That is the beauty of Fearless and Free, the stories are sure to motivate, inspire, and instruct. Take notes, ladies, because your career will never be the same!

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