How to Make Awesome Comics is truly filled with awesomeness. Cameron has written a book to inspire, instruct, and entertain. Cameron’s characters, Professor Panels and Art Monkey guide and teach the art of comics to children between the ages of 7 – 10, but this book easily translates to aspiring adult comic artists, too. There are twenty-one lessons that walk the reader through the entire process of making a comic from idea generation to drawing characters to creating a storyline. Each lesson is followed by a challenge where the reader is to practice the skills just taught in the lesson. For example, “How to make funny comics” instruction is followed by a challenge with step-by-step boxes and prompts for the reader to create a funny comic.

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Formats: Paperback
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The book is colorful, creative, and funny. This reviewer loves the immediate practical application so that the reader builds skills and confidence instantly. The robust appendix gives the reader more ideas and step-by-step instructions to create even more comic characters. Cameron has fashioned an effective and fun formula for a reader with an interest in creating their own comics to be successful in a very quick timeframe. Readers will be engaged, entertained, and successful with this fabulous how-to book!

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