Frank Sesno is a former CNN anchor and White House correspondent so he knows a thing or two about the power of questions. Ask More focuses on 11 question types including the obvious diagnostic, scientific, and strategic questions. But Sesno offers the readers many more question types including empathy, confrontational, mission, and entertaining questions, just to offer a few samples. Sesno provides examples, stories, and ideas for when to use each question type successfully. This reviewer’s favorite chapter was the one on confrontational questions because asking confrontational questions are uncomfortable, but they make a point and ensure that the person being questioned hears the challenge.

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“You don’t need a degree to be a disciplined listener and an empathetic questioner. You just need to know who you are talking to and be able to imagine what the world looks like through their eyes.”

The book ends with a Question Guide, which summarizes the question types, gives specific examples, and a Try idea where the reader can apply the question type to a real-life situation to practice using the explicit kind of question. This book is easy-to-read and the ideas are logical. Readers will be hard pressed to not find several nuggets to add to their own toolbox of questioning strategies.

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