This is another solid book the Jane Yolen’s How Do Dinosaurs series. Dinosaurs of all forms are a big hit in our household right now and this story also tapped into a love zoo animals, etc. In hardback it is large book, making each page spread full of detail. My little guy (2yo) really studied the pages, up and down taking in what was going on.

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Formats: Hardcover
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There are lots of layers of humor and story so each time we read it has been a little different but still fun. I do use my editorial power to remove mention of pets from a pet store, focusing rather on shelters, but that is my decision as the reader. Like the others in the series there are key lessons, rhyming, excellent illustrations, and something for just about every participant… except maybe our dog? How Do Dinosaurs Choose Their Pets? is a recommended book for the budding dino lover in your life.

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