Grace Cristler, a young lady of 24, has already given up all hope for a future family as the young men in her town are near nonexistent. She spends her days as the postmistress in the town of Farland, Kansas. When her uncle, the Reverend Cristler, announced his retirement, it became Grace’s job to correspond with the new incoming Reverend Rufus Dille. Grace finds herself enjoying and looking forward to each letter she receives from the future preacher. She shares some of her thoughts with her friend, Mrs. Kirby, who runs the local boarding house and is on the church social group committee. Grace realizes she has feelings for the new preacher, even though they have never met. Theophil Garrison is a young man on the run. He has three cousins who tried to rob a train and got caught and were sent to prison because he would not bring them the horses they needed to help them escape to Mexico. Ten years have passed and now the cousins have been released from prison. Filled with anger towards Theo, and calling him a coward, they want to seek their vengeance. Meeting the Reverend Rufus Dille, on his deathbed in his wagon, Theo tries to help him as best he can. Heading now to a new destination, Theo is optimistic that his cousins will not find him and he can start a new life. Now the town of Farland and the kind and loving Grace Cristler are in for a great deception. They will all be tested in their Christian faith, their love, and especially forgiveness.

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This is a faith based historical fiction novel. Most all of the characters are very well defined. They have strong and colorful personalities. Grace is good and kind, and longing for romance in her life. Theo plays the role of Good Samaritan well. It is great to see how Theo grows in his Faith and also be strong in his character. Mrs. Kirby functions as a soundboard and a kind ear to both Grace and Theo. The Reverend Cristler gives examples of Faith and Inspiration in his daily activities. This novel also has two romantic stories blooming side by side. The setting felt alive and the historical ideas were well imagined, like the hand-made lace collars that the ladies bought. This was great storytelling with Christian messages.

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