Riding the Light Beam: How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside is a book of questions and reflections posed by author Cathrine Silver in her quest to aid others as they too wrestle with their own life’s journey. She describes many moments for her life that precipitated changes in her thought patterns, her growing attention to the universe around her, and the quantum reality, as well as the value of living authentically, appreciating the beauty and wonder in the world, noticing the magic, wonder, and Divine in everything surrounding us. Silver examines the depths of the human consciousness and indeed what it is to question at all, pointing out that there is no better time to unlearn old belief sets and march into a world filled with compassion and light, glorifying the Oneness of all.

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Riding the Light Beam is a greatly inspirational book. Silver manages to imbue these pages with light and optimism, a sense of wonder at the majesty of the universe, that is very appealing. It’s a view of life as a state of mind, a sort of choose your own adventure, on a cosmic scale, as the seeds of the universe are inside all of us. Powerful, inspiring stuff. The book has a blog-like flow to it, where the subtopics are linked and related to the overall topic – that of the light beam, quantum reality, and the authentic self – but don’t necessarily relate to one another and connect the way one might expect of a traditional book. It gives an impression of some haphazardness and random associations, although everything eventually comes back around to connect, even if at moments it’s not entirely clear how that will occur.

While this is a read that gets lost in the weeds on occasion, giving in to moments when the narrative seems to wax tangential, more into the realm of catharsis for the author than for the benefit of the reader, it manages to find its way out and poses some great questions to set readers on the unique and magical track of their own experience, toward discovering their own divine truth, becoming their own authentic self, and living a better life. Riding the Light Beam is a powerful, heartfelt narrative, filled with questions and theories, sure to challenge and inspire readers to live consciously, constantly question, and connect to the energy around us.

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