A bomb explodes in a Jewish neighborhood in Paris, which leads French intelligence to seek help from Gabriel Allon – a legendary Israeli spy and expert art restorer. With his years of experience and his knowledge of ISIS, Gabriel is the one person they trust to eliminate this terrorist so he can never kill innocent people again. This case is personal to Gabriel, as he knew one woman who was killed in the Paris explosion. She had possessed a very rare painting worth an estimated twenty million dollars and had arranged, upon her death, for the painting to go to Gabriel. Knowing about this arrangement, the French intelligence office took the painting and held it as ransom for Gabriel to take on this investigation. Gabriel Allon and his team quickly access the situation and learn the man behind the attack is called Saladin. This terrorist has managed to keep his identity well hidden. Gabriel finds himself, against his better judgement, recruiting a young female doctor (with no covert ops training) to penetrate the ISIS compound as a true believer of ISIS. He hopes she will be able to learn Saladin’s identity. Finding him will not be easy.

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Daniel Silva’s 16th novel about the adventures of legendary spy, Gabriel Allon, will not disappoint fans. This novel is explosive from the first chapter and keeps the tension ramped up throughout the story until the very end. His creative ability to interject characters that immediately fit into the plot is amazing. His knowledge and skill as a writer kept this novel current and terrifying. This story is one that could easily have been read in current day headlines! A must-read novel for readers of mystery novels for certain!

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