In The Women of Easter, we learn about three women in Biblical history who held true belief in the life of Jesus and his teachings. All three of these women were named Mary. Mary of Bethany was the sister of Martha and Lazarus. It was at their home on his last visit that Mary sat at Jesus’s feet while He spoke of his oncoming death. Mary became so overtaken by His words that she began preparing Him for what He said would be His burial. She used her most costly ointment that she had been saving for years to anoint and massage His feet. This fragrant ointment soaked the bottom hem of His garment and ran onto the floor. Mary used her long hair to wipe his feet and showed a true act of love. Mary of Nazareth, Jesus’s mother, had loved Him from His birth and stayed nearby Him as He took His last breath on the cross. Mary Magdalene was the woman who Jesus relieved of seven demons. She was also the one person to proclaim the wonderful news of Jesus’s resurrection. Three wondrous women in Biblical history show us the power of their love for Jesus.

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Liz Curtis Higgs is a Bible teacher and award winning novelist. She gives the reader plain and helpful explanations of each Bible verse used in the stories. She describes her own emotions as she reads through these Bible verses. The details she adds to explain the way things were in these Biblical times was insightful and her explanations of words used in the Bible verses was very beneficial. With the author’s enthusiasm for this story it is easy for the reader to get caught up in the excitement and emotions of Faith and Easter!

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