Glittery pictures, vivid colors, fanciful hat designs, and a real-world collection of girls (read: skin and hair and backgrounds are not just Caucasian) fill the pages of this fun story about a group of girls who are shopping/make-believing/crafting some lovely hats for their surprise tea party.

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Formats: Hardcover
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I love the imaginative story line, although the first time through the tea party just felt a bit sudden with how it showed up in the story, I apparently didn’t see it coming, so that made it feel a little disconnected… but for little girls and their moms it would be a fun book to read together and then do some activities and dress up to recreate aspects of the story. There is a little French in the book (think Chez and chic) so practice your best French accent. I look forward to seeing what other adventures Emily, Ashley, Kaitlyn, and Claire come up with in future books.

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