The relationship between a granddaughter and grandmother is cheerfully and joyously explored in I Love My Grandma by writer Giles Andreae and illustrator Emma Dodd. The story’s text is easy for a child to understand: “We play all sorts of funny games, and give each other silly names. We really love to cook and bake, and eat the yummy things we make.” It’s clear that in their interaction, grandma gets to act childlike, while granddaughter has fun pretending to be mature.

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Animals and toys are featured on nearly every page which helps young reader-listeners relax. The book makes it clear that a grandchild is a source of pride for a grandparent. What’s also made clear – in a gentle way – is that even the most loving of grandmas can welcome the rest that comes at the end of a visit: “When it’s time to say good-bye, my grandma gives a little sigh… And says, although we’ve had such fun… It’s nice to give me back to Mom.”

The bright and highly colorful illustrations by Dodd are the icing on the cake. I Love My Grandma was given the perfect endorsement by our granddaughter who said, “I love this book!”

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