Snuggle Bunny, by Kate Dopriak, really lives up to the StoryPlay book tagline: ““A fun way to read together!” complete with discussion prompts, related activities, and play suggestions. The illustrations are soft, but full of recognizable animals (always plenty to talk about there), prompts for blanket forts, counting, and more.

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The book title is fun to say for the littles, easy to remember (it is requested by name by my two-year-old) and I am all for encouraging snuggles with mama. The prompts are appreciated and are a way to give the book more lasting power, as right now some of them are not quite in our wheelhouse yet (age 2). It will be fun to see how my little one uses this book as he grows older and starts to read it himself.

I recommend Snuggle Bunny and certainly will be checking out the other StoryPlay books as they are released.

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