The essence of this book, The Art of Discarding, is to be motivational to people who become attached to things and hope to live a less cluttered lifestyle. Everyone has some degree of clutter in their life though they may call it a collection. Many have collections of dolls, Disney toys, teacups, or guns to name a few. If an item brings you joy then you should keep it. Don’t keep items because you got them from a wedding or gifts from a relative that you never see.

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The author, Nagisa Tatsumi, divides the book into three parts. She talks about having a positive attitude about getting rid of items. She also talks about alternatives for discarding things other than just throwing things in the trash, like donating to other people because “things are given life by being used.” She says to free yourself of waste and then you will begin to see the value in items. The idea is for readers to learn to let go of things and live a calmer life.

This book was first printed in 2005 and the 2017 edition is the first English translation. The book is a quick and easy read. The author used interesting descriptions to explain snags that cause people to hold onto items. She tries to give practical advice to let go of things. Although this isn’t exactly a new topic and some of the ideas will be familiar for people who have read up on this subject before, the author was able to include some different approaches to this all too common problem.

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