Saucy, red-headed Gin lives during the Prohibition Era of flappers, gangsters, and bootleggers! She loves to spend her evenings in the speakeasy enjoying attentions of two of her admirers. Running away from a horrid childhood experience, she exudes confidence and intelligence. Gin finds herself involved with Prohibition Special Agent, Oliver Anson. He convinces her to help him bring to justice a person from her past. She will need to keep her wits about her! Ella lives in modern day New York City. She has recently moved into a rather old building after a failed marriage. Upon meeting a rather attractive young man who lives in the building, he explains some things about it and gives her advice about noises she might hear. Curious as she is, she becomes intrigued by the building when she begins hearing voices in the laundry area. Ella finds herself drawn to the voices. Voices from the past and Prohibition years somehow will bring the lives of these two very different young ladies together.

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The jazz age storyline by author Beatrix Williams was fast and fun to read. The author appeared to fill the pages with her historical fiction with ease! Her attention to details helps readers to feel attached to the characters. The spirited Gin is a vibrant character and her love story was well-crafted and believable. Reading about Ella was slow and at times tedious when compared to Gin The Wicked City is the first installment in a series, so I hope that in the coming installments Ella’s story becomes more interesting to the reader so there isn’t such a disconnect. This reviewer is certainly looking forward to new adventures from these young ladies!

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