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An unusual winter snow storm in Cork County, Ireland brings together an eclectic group of individuals, all looking for some warmth and shelter from this storm. Maura Donovan, a transplant from Boston who inherited Sullivan’s Pub, is not sure if her building will be able to accommodate people but her workers assure her it is safe to open and she becomes the shelter for this group of people. When one lonely looking woman enters the pub and removes her scarf, a few of the patrons recognize her as the suspect of a 20-year-old murder that was now a Cold Case. Diane Caldwell was accused of the crime but was never charged. Snowed in with all her patrons, Maura is curious about this old Cold Case, and invites Diane to tell her side of the story, as nobody is going anywhere and she now has all of their attention. The patrons all sit around the bar and the fireplace all trying to keep warm, and they drink their beer and listen to her story. They begin to ask her questions about her life and the individuals in the case and then they begin to form different scenarios as it helps them pass the time while the storm continues through the evening hours. As morning approaches, a new theory emerges that may change the focus of the case to someone local in Cook county.

This is the fifth book in the County Cork Series. Cork comes alive with the Irish patrons that support the pub. The story takes place at Sullivan’s Pub over the course of one very long day. The setting is quaint with the small Irish pub and its patrons lining the up at the bar, with Billy sitting cozily by the fire. Rose is content to stay in the ancient kitchen preparing food to keep the crowd happy. The author filled this Irish novel with descriptive details of the countryside and the Irish people who are both gossipy but welcoming. This story is certainly a standalone book because enough background is given. The original plot in this story helped keep this a page turning experience. If you like a good mystery and enjoy Irish settings, then you will enjoy this novel!

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