Unearthing Paradise is a collection of writings, mixed fiction/nonfiction focused on encouraging political action to prevent gold mining near Yellowstone National Park. Prior to reading I was not aware that this was at risk, although given the current state, nothing should be considered safe or protected. That aside, I had hoped for more writings describing the beautiful state to inspire a desire to learn more about Montana and Yellowstone, but I felt that the essays etc. fell short, at least for me personally.

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I did learn something new, as I always try to do so, and that is the amount of ore required to find a small amount of gold and I appreciate the authors juxtaposition with copper mining and how it benefits all vs. small luxury item for few. I do not doubt the talent, passion, or credentials of the collaborators as the pieces are certainly well written, but the collection felt disjointed and, in a few pieces, forced.

I do encourage the basic message of the book and for people to educate themselves about the mining potential, to take action, and embrace our national parks (www.npca.org).

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