Robert Logan Worth is a lawyer in the corporate division of a very significant law firm in the Los Angeles basin, Santa Monica. He has been working there for five years as an associate since finishing law school when he is called into a conference by one of the senior partners in the litigation division. After the senior partner aggressively dismisses a client, Mr. Worth is instructed to draft a settlement and release documents for the client to sign the next day. This begins a sea of change in Mr. Worth’s career and life over the next ten weeks.

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He finds himself running afoul of the precept of separating emotions while performing the job, as well as staying in the good graces of the senior partner. Robert is himself quickly fired and without a job. As he attempts to land a job with other firms, he finds his reputation ruined because of that case. When he discovers these problems are related to the partner, Robert decides to pursue legal action against the senior partner. This is met with a complex of relationships, manipulations, legal and not so legal activities, which he tries to navigate in the effort to re-establish his life.

This is Avery Duff’s first novel. He’s a retired lawyer, which is clearly discernible in the multiple twists and turns in the novel. He lives in Los Angeles and uses much of its landscape in the activities of the characters. His storytelling is easy to read, it flows smoothly and rapidly being easy to understand – even the legal activities (from the perspective of a non-lawyer). This story sends the reader on a fast moving, interesting, exciting ride and draws one into the story trying to resolve the issues the main character faces. This book is hard to put down and can be read in one or two settings. This reviewer is looking forward to more adventures from Avery Duff.

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