Many people have reported having a sense of déjà vu or a “gut feeling” around events in their life. Sometimes it turns out to be something mundane, while other times the event ends up being life-changing, or even lifesaving. Lisa K’s Intuition on Demand is a guide on taking that elusive feeling and harnessing it into something you can control.

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While Intuition on Demand is a short book – 192 pages in all – and can be read rather quickly in an afternoon or two, the sheer amount of information and exercises included in the book are probably best absorbed a little bit at a time rather than all at once. The book is a bit heavily front loaded with explanations on what intuition actually is, personal anecdotes explaining why it’s a helpful thing to use, and laying out the basic steps for starting to habitually tap into your existing intuition. This does make the first 40 or so pages read a bit slow since the information you really are after is later in the book.

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter exactly where intuition comes from, whether it is from angles, your higher self, your subconscious, or the deep recesses of your brain that hold learned knowledge and experience, as long as it is working consistently and reliably with verifiable positive results.”

Some people looking at this book will immediately dismiss it as another bit of new age nonsense, but Lisa does a good job explaining things in a way to be inclusive of all beliefs or ways of thought so that even those skeptical of the process will be inclined to try it out. The book’s numerous exercises are simple enough to begin incorporating into your daily life right away, and they are broken up into small steps with plenty of examples of different ways to try them out. The only real negative to the book is that it repeats information rather frequently. On the one hand, some people really appreciate hearing the same information in different ways as it’s more likely to stick with them. For those who absorb information a bit faster, the repetition may be a bit irritating.

Intuition on Demand offers a way for interested readers to potentially hone their intuition, and is likely to be an interesting read for anyone who has ever felt a spark of sudden guidance.

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