I am often hesitant to read books about motherhood as I am right in the early throws of it (other titles on my nightstand elude to emotional lives of toddlers, no drama, how to get your kid to… etc). The funny books can be too much like a blog crammed between two covers or too repetitive or superficial, but Whitney’s book, her voice, and experiences shared for some reason feel different. Yes, still hilarious but also raw, honest, and beautiful. Perhaps the most notable and standout/up portion of her book/story is sharing her experience of postpartum depression. The influence of PPD comes up throughout the book, connect the dots and opening doors. Reading felt like a conversation on a topic more of us need to be talking freely about.

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“It’s no reflection of the person they fundamentally are, it’s only a reflection of the monster that’s taken up residency in their heads.” (p. 42).

There are plenty of laughs and hopefully the execs at Costco read this because her recommendations are on point. The last little gem I pulled out is the list of ‘Things that do matter’ that she shared with her daughters (p. 37) and each reader needs to embrace and share as well. Below is Whitney’s list:

“1. How you treat people matters. It will pave your way in life. Be kind and patient. Be thoughtful of your words before you let them out of your mouth.
2. Generosity matters. Even if you don’t have things to give, you can always lend a hand or an ear.
3. Gratitude matters. Life will give to you and take from you as long as you draw breath. Make time every day to be thankful for the gifts.
4. Being humble matters. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Every accomplishment and accolade you receive is a gift. It’s not your due.”

I highly recommend Motherhood Martyrdom & Costco Runs. It is a fun, easy read, but is also realistic. If taken to heart and mind, this book can help drive you to do good in the world and in your own personal life both as a mother and as a person.

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