This book hits close to home lately as I read it to my toddler at night, hoping that in fact he does sleep in his bed, all night and well past sunrise. Candace Fleming and Lori Nichols have created a book that’s fun to read, featuring your favorite barnyard characters in their various beds.

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The best parts of the book are the phases they created as the animals reluctantly move back to their respective beds. They are fun to read and say and convey a lot of the story. For example, pig “waddley-jogs” back to his pen, cow “clompety-stomps” back to her stall after sighing “oh, hayseeds” after being ousted by pig. I do ad lib in a few more words for my little guy as he was missing a few parts of the story but he loves the book, really takes in the illustrations, and requests this routinely for a bedtime story.

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