Melinda Campbell made a heartbreaking decision when she was 16 years old; she gave her baby daughter up for adoption. Her hope to save her from a traumatizing grandfather and to give her a bright future was genuine. Melinda never forgot her daughter and thought of her everyday. Fourteen years later, Melinda is about to meet Shiloh, her daughter, because she is ill and in the hospital. The adoptive father, Jeremy, is willing to do almost anything for Shiloh, so when she asked to meet her real mother, he agreed. Jeremy finds himself surprised and somewhat confused by how he feels about the woman who gave up her child so he could become a father. Melinda and Shiloh have a few hard question and answer meetings that Jeremy listens to. Jeremy and Melinda have only met and interacted a few days, and he finds himself with conflicting feelings. Excited by the new direction her life is taking, Melinda feels she cannot go back to her old life and is willing to find her happiness at The Beach House.

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Coming Home is the next book in Georgia Bockoven’s The Beach House series. The  story takes on the difficult subjects of adoption and illness, which has a positive resolution in this story. The characters have interesting conflicts with each other that keep the story going for the reader. The side characters also added additional complications for the main characters to navigate. The beach setting helps make this book a perfect relaxing summer read.

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