You wouldn’t think the beach would be a preferred destination for vampires…but what about at night? Vampirina and her family go for a nighttime beach trip with other monster families: mummies, sea monsters, and her werewolf friend. They surf, play volleyball, build sandcastles, and dance on the beach.

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Yes, the book is about monsters, but these are really monsters in name only, nothing scary about them. Vampirina and her family and friends have the visual trappings of old horror films, but they are about as frightening as a toddler in a Frankenstein’s monster costume. They are funny, cleverly designed, and each creature has its own quirky appearance – it’s a very diverse group of monsters.

The book also teaches some important lessons, but makes them as fun as a day at the beach. Vampirina and her werewolf buddy are always safe when it comes to the ocean, using the buddy system while swimming and putting on sunscreen. When they wipe out on the surfboard, they remind each other that “it’s hard to be the best at something new.” They aren’t preachy lessons, just tidbits sneaked in amongst the fun. And the focus is definitely on the fun – when this group of monsters goes to the beach, you’ll want to join in.

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