Simon Winchester’s When the Sky Breaks: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and the Worst Weather in the World is a fascinating account of all types of turbulent weather. An ardent weather watcher, Winchester has experienced stormy weather around the world, from the monsoons in India to the steep waves south of Madagascar to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The book looks at how, when, where and why major storms like tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons arise and what happens when they hit.

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Winchester also discusses the impact of climate change and the increasing severity of weather patterns as the planet and the oceans become warmer. The dramatic photographs that accompany the text will fascinate kids, including aerial views of storms brewing (even from space!) and the devastation they’ve wrought upon cities and towns. When the Sky Breaks is a thrilling account of the world’s wild weather patterns that teaches kids about the history of how we learned about weather systems, the consequences of global warming and that, ultimately, “Nature has always had, and will always have, the upper hand.” Winchester also includes a helpful list of recommended reading at the back of the book.

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