Julie Chase’s novel, Cat Got Your Cash, the newest book in her Kitty Couture Mystery series, is a murder mystery filled with suspense, fashion, cute kittens, and whimsical humor. Lacy Crocker, the creator of Furry Godmother, her pet couture line, is excited to finally be getting some recognition in the fashion industry by securing an appointment with the famous fashion designer, Annie Lane. With her companion line for Annie Lane’s Mardi Gras designs, Lacy Crocker visits Annie Lane’s home, only to find out that Annie Lane was murdered. Offering to take care of Annie Lane’s Siamese cats until family comes to claim them is harder than she expects, especially since the cats have drawn the attention of kidnappers and Annie Lane’s unstable ex-husband. Lacy Crocker decides to help with the investigation, much to Detective Oliver’s objections, and the two of them race to get to the bottom of Annie Lane’s murder.

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This story is told through first person point of view and focuses on Lacy Crocker’s narrative. She is brave and a well-developed character that is always willing to help animals in need. Proving she is both creative and curious, Lacy formulates new theories in the case and always works to discover the truth. Her partnership with Detective Oliver is humorous, with their bantering back and forth. Lacy’s caring relationship with her tabby cat, Penelope, is a great addition to the story, adding whimsical humor with Penelope, who rides around on Spot, the vacuuming robot of Furry Godmother. Lacy even makes clothing for other animals, such as her mother’s chicks and another charity’s llamas for fundraising competitions.

The New Orleans setting is portrayed realistically, as well as fitting with the characters and the mystery. From the magical remedies her family friend and co-worker, Imogene, makes to customized masks at the fair, parades, and lavish events, the eerie, magical and fashionable setting of New Orleans fits perfectly within the narrative. With every mysterious twist, the setting and characters work together to enhance the narrative’s suspense.

Even though this is the sequel to the series, it is a separate narrative and can be read as a stand-alone mystery. However, if the reader wants to know more about Lacy Crocker’s backstory, which is mentioned briefly in the sequel, reading the first is a must.

Cat Got Your Cash is a mystery full of twists, suspense, pets, and fashion, and is perfect for fans of cozy mystery series with whimsical humor.

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