The Wise Animal Handbook Oregon, by Kate B. Jerome, featuring Oregon state animals, is a vividly colored picture book with succinct quotes for good livin’ on each page. There is a Wise Animal Handbook for most states, where the story and pictures are the same but the pull-out coloring pages featuring state animals are the customized to the state.

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I received the Oregon version and learned that they are one of only six states to have a state crustacean. I was surprised actually to see that Oregon’s crustacean was the metacarcinus magister, given that I live in Washington (a state that lacks a state crustacean) and the species common name comes from it prime local near Dungeness, Washington. Another fun fact (that I checked) is that Montana and Oregon have the same state bird, Western Meadowlark. It’s not a mistake, I googled to confirm that I was remembering correctly. But I have digressed…. Kate B. Jerome has compiled a fun collection of animal photos and related wisdoms. My two favorites are a picture of a cricket, appearing to shrug its shoulders stating “Admit when you don’t know,” and an adorable hedgehog eating an apple with the reminder to “eat healthy food to grow up strong.”

I recommend the Wise Animal Handbook and will be checking out other books by Kate B. Jerome.
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