The mind can be the best friend or the greatest enemy, according to the Bhagavad Gita, and in The 3T Path, author Giridhari Das gives much insight into how to make your mind your friend.

The 3T Path describes a system for living a better life through the tenants of yoga. Through behavior, knowledge, and devotion, a person can change their attitudes, mind, and spirit, and increase their well-being to live a life of self-realization and purpose. This book lays out the practices and tools students can use on their path, serving as a launching point for their more fulfilled, resilient, and realized lives.

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Like many self-help books, this is one that may resonate with some and not so much with others. It draws heavily on yogic traditions, lets students pick their own spiritual beliefs, and gives them the tools for transformation. The volume is thin, as some of the best self-help books are, but thick with insight. It is not exceptionally easy or light reading, but something best digested carefully and thoroughly. The most likable thing about this book is how it takes something as ancient as yoga and keeps it relatable for the present day, as well as guiding the reader through why these ideas are important. Das keeps his explanations of concepts simple and relevant, without losing the scope of how huge these ideas really are. While a knowledge of yoga or the Vedic texts isn’t strictly necessary for understanding or gaining help from this book, a previous familiarity with some common yoga terms or concepts will not go amiss.

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